Detecting investment opportunities.

We look for investment opportunities for our clients, generating scenarios with innovative plans that optimize the return and minimize the business risk.

Preparing projects.

Business Structure: we design investment plans that reasonably compensate the contributions in land, capital and human resources.

Product Definition: we develop field studies in order to analyze the supply and demand, the segmentation, the style and trends, purchase modes, and receptivity degree.

Feasibility Analysis: we create different simulation scenarios based on the market perspectives, analyzing the sensitivity degree with regard to the result, the internal rate of return, and the maximum necessary investment.

Contract Management: we prepare all the specification sheets for the selection by means of price tender or bid and/or the background of all the professionals and companies necessary for the development of the project: architect, constructor-manager, legal advisor, marketing company, bank, etc.

Defining the business strategy.

We clearly establish the business strategy, in order to prevent actions or changes in course that hinder or go against the projected result.

Legal, tax and financial structuring.

We design the adequate engineering to finance or refinance projects. For the legal and corporate structure, we use various legal structures, such as local and foreign companies, ordinary or financial trusts, according to the needs of each project, while finding tax efficiency.